Wulfz NFT


Werewulfz are the enemy of the pack. After killing the Pupz in the daycare, The pack needed to seek revenge. On September 25th, 2022, 2222 Werewulfz were slayed, giving the pack control over them. There is 4 types of Werewulfz which include Demonic, Mythical, Spirit, and Robotic.
Moondust Utility: The first utility revealed for Werewulfz is the generation of Moondust, our in-house community token. You can read more about it on it's dedicated page. Werewulfz attacking the shop:
Not only will Werewulfz earn moondust, but they will also steal a % of all $AWOO spent on the shop. Additionally, there are many times that there are leftover WL spots not purchased on the shop. Whichever WL spots haven't been claimed in the first 24hours will be stolen by Werewulfz, and raffled off to them. Sacrificing Werewulfz: The Werewulfz supply will be deflationary, which means that at times the pack will need to sacrifice Werewulfz. This is all we know for now... Keep in mind this is just part 1 of the Werewulfz utility we have planned. Werewulfz: https://opensea.io/collection/werewulfz