Wulfz NFT

Wulfz VX

Integration into 3D Metaverse:
The Wulfz team is heavily focused on integrating into Metaverse ready games. Our number one focus is integrating into Sandbox Game. Players will be able to use their VX Wulfz on our Sandbox P2E game once it releases. As other Metaverse games arise, we will be integrating our VX models and even low poly models depending on the game engine the respective Metaverse uses.
  • 1:1 matching Wulfz mintable with $AWOO
  • Genesis 3D Wulfz (Identical traits reserved for holders): 5,555 Supply
  • Never before seen 3D Wulfz (new traits): 4,444 Supply
A combination of new and old traits are being used to create new rares, onesies, and legendaries. We will be providing whitelist to community and partner groups for non-matching VX models. Details on release method, price etc will be announced closer to launch! 3D Alpha Wulfz will be released shortly after the launch of the genesis collection and will be airdropped to all Alpha Wulfz holders. Wulfz VX will be in a separate collection, meaning that the size of the genesis collection will not change. We cannot wait for you to meet your VX and join our very own land in The Sandbox Game! *Wulfz VX will begin integrating into additional games too.
Below is an example of a copy of your genesis Wulf into a VX Wulf!
Sandbox Progress:
  • Aquired a 3x3 (9 plots) on Sandbox Game
  • In talks with Official Sandbox Team
  • Developing Quests and different P2E mechanics
  • Building on Land (sneak peeks soon)