Wulfz NFT


Moondust is our community currency which will be used for various things! Moondust generation is exclusive to Werewulfz.
Each Werewulfz will earn 10 Moondust. Moondust does not accumulate. This means that to maximize your moondust, you should claim every single day. If you wait for 1 week, you won't be claiming 7x Moondust, rather it will still just be the days worth. The reason we have done it this way is to promote server activity.
How is Moondust different from $AWOO? - You don't need to stake Werewulfz to earn moondust - Moondust is not blockchain technology - Moondust is a lot more versatile than an ERC-20 token Commands you can do: !claim - will claim your moondust for the 24 hour period. !balance - you can view your moondust balance !transfer you can send moondust to others in the server Some possibilities on what we can do for moondust are below. Keep in mind that the community can propose ideas which can be built upon for moondust
- Raids - In order to spread the word of our project, we will do raids & other challenges that the community can participate in to earn Moondust. - Posting good information (alpha calls) helping out members in the community can earn you moondust - Upgrading Werewulfz??? - Giveaways for Whitelists, NFTs, Merchandise, or other prizes
- Swapping Moondust w/ $AWOO or vice versa